Perfection of work cannot realistically achievable but
believes that works adequately staffed with talented
personnel yields high quality of work.
:: The Company

G. E. ORIGENES CONSULTING ENGINEERS established in 1976 providing structural engineering design services for owners, architects, developers, contractors and builders. Ever since, the firm extensively engaged in the structural design of high-rise buildings, hospitals, residential structures, warehouses, bridges, and special structures. In addition, the firm is engaged in the investigation of and remedial measures of existing structures damaged by fire, excessive loading, exposure to corrosive environment, and other natural or man-made causes.

:: About Us

As structural engineering firm, we focus in providing our clients with quality structural engineering services gained through our experience and development in the industry. Provide structural design that meets the modern trend and demand of architectural and industrial design, and create a structural system that meets the safety standards of the stakeholders (the owner, the clients, the public, and this firm) at optimum costs of structural members.

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